SAN ANTONIO – Road construction on Soledad Street and parts of Main Street are coming to a close with some major changes for drivers to look out for.

After six years, the barricades have come down, making new pavement and striping evident. It is now up to drivers, to get accustomed to the streets’ two-way traffic.

The $9.5 million project was made possible with 20-12 voter-approved bond money.

Improvements include:

  • 10 foot wide traffic lanes both northbound and southbound
  • Dedicated five foot bike lanes in both directions
  • New storm drain inlets to reduce area flooding
  • 100-year-old sewer and gas lines replaced
  • Parallel parking and new landscaping
  • Heavily marked crosswalks
  • Wider sidewalks

City officials boast this is a win-win-win project for everyone.

"Now that it's all coming to an end we think there's going to be a lot more commuters, a lot more pedestrians coming to this area, it's going to open it up for new business, it's just really an exciting time," said Paul Berry with Transportation and Capital Improvements.