In the wake of a dry winter, a drought has once again been building across Texas for much of 2018.

Local conditions are the driest in three years, according to this week's update of the U.S. Drought Monitor, which indicates an increase to severe drought status (see map, orange color contour) from Austin eastward into Bastrop and south to Luling and west to Canyon Lake.

It's the worst drought status for much of the area since late October 2015. 

In the Capital City, where metro Austin has gone 19 days without 1/10th of an inch of rain or more, the annual deficit is now up to four inches.

For the Alamo City, the northwest half of Bexar Co. is considered to be in moderate drought (beige color,) with abnormally dry conditions (highlighted in yellow.) 

The SA Airport shows a rain deficit of 2.6" so far this year.

Yet there might be some hope right around the corner: our first heavy spring storm event looks to unfold next week. 

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