SAN ANTONIO – The package bombings have not only left Austin and Schertz residents on edge, but also postal workers and mail carriers.

The San Antonio Alamo Area Local – American Postal Union president said that starting on Tuesday managers are going to have special dialogues with their postal teams about how to be vigilant and what to look for.

Postal workers could be considered an early line of defense because most of the time they know what does and doesn’t look right.

"Safety is number one. Safety of our employees is number one. That’s what we tell our employees to not take any chances," said union president Alex Aleman.

Aleman said that with this latest incident in Schertz, there is a lot of concern being voiced — especially since workers there do process the mail.

Parcel deliveries are higher than ever before and they deliver not only though the post office, but other entities like FedEx and Amazon. This chapter services a wide range of cities across south and central Texas including Schertz.

Aleman said this latest explosion will probably cause a lot of issues.

"It creates a little bit of chaos in the in the operation because, now you found one package, so that means you have to inspect all the parcels that are in the trucks. Not only in the mail facility, but in the trucks that are probably loaded and ready to be dispatched somewhere."

Aleman also says there are counselors available for these workers.

Everyone is being told to be cautious as they move forward doing their jobs.