SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio International Airport is giving travelers some tips before they pack up and fly out for Spring Break.

The second week of March is one of the busiest times of the year for airports across the board as schools are out for one week.

One of the main things travelers can do is arrive at least two hours early especially if their flight is in the morning.

"We were told to get here early just in case anybody forgot their passports and had to go back home and get them," said Spring Break traveler Haley Hallmark.

Spring begins a season of robust travel airports brace for the Summer months.

"Check your flight times. Check your TSA waiting times. You can do all of that online. You can check our website, San, and also print your boarding pass," said Tonya Hope with SAT International.

Airport travel in Austin matches the same level of busy.

Just last week, on March 8, the Austin Bergstrom International Airport saw the second highest number of passengers in a single day at more than 26,000. 

This month the Austin airport is adding more live music shows to welcome travelers with six extra performances in addition to the 21 shows per week.