CONVERSE, Texas -- Converse Police continue to search for the man accused of shooting a teenager in the head Sunday near a community pool and playground.

Police said it may have been a drug deal gone very bad in the middle of this quiet Converse community.

"When my officers responded, we had one victim with a gunshot wound to the head," said Captain Robert Avella, of the Converse Police Department.  

A victim and suspect in a struggle over a package one was delivering to the other, ended with the 17-year-old victim in critical condition and his alleged attacker on the run.

"It was just a lot of police officers, the yellow tape and everything. I just couldn't believe that it was somebody in our neighborhood," said Converse resident Lethane Thomas. 

The shooting happened Sunday at a community pool just feet from this mother's home. 

"I was really sad and upset. At first upset and then sad because I realized my son actually knew the little boy," said Thomas. 

Thomas said she can't believe yet another teenager is the victim.

"The last couple of homicides that have been around this area have involved teenagers involved with some sort of illicit narcotics. So it's something we really haven't seen in this area up until recently," said Avella. 

Though police say they're not sure exactly what's causing the increase, parents say they're keeping a closer eye on their children.

"I always talk to my kids about the wrong crowd and not being around the wrong crowd and not being involved in things that will lead to a negative life. I still can't even believe it. It's ridiculous," said Thomas.

Police are looking for an African-American male likely in his teens who is about 5 feet and 7 inches tall. They're hoping tips from the community will help police find him.