CASTLE HILLS, Texas - Castle Hills police have arrested a man they believe burglarized a local bicycle shop - with some help from an overnight news photographer.

"This is where I sit at night, waiting for news to happen - Poppys Pizza," said freelance news photographer Ken Branca.

It's unusual for Branca to find himself a part of the story.

He's probably only met the owner of Bike City - a shop off Blanco and 410 - maybe one other time.

"It was the perfect time and the right time. It's good, you know," said Bike City owner Luis Gallardo.

Now, they've got a lot to talk about.

"A Chrysler 300 pulled in at a really slow rate behind me. They both jumped out of the vehicle, opened the back doors to the vehicle, then ran over to the front door with a rock and smashed the door," Branca said.

He turned his car to shine his lights, but that didn't work.

Being a journalist, he had a lot of options.

"The first thing I did was reached for this and called 911," Branca said.

He followed them until Castle Hills police caught up.

"One of the males had jumped out of the vehicle and that's when the Castle Hills police were able to detain that gentleman," Branca said.

The store's owner thinks these guys have been inside his store, checking out the place because of the way they knew to move around to the cash register.

"It's not the right way to get behind the counter and they can get through more easily," Gallardo said.

This is the third time in 10 years that Gallardo's store has been broken into.

"It's more about how much you're working and these people just come and take it. It's good for the community. Detectives say for a month and a half they've been stealing from businesses around in the nighttime," Gallardo said.

As Gallardo continues to repair his shop he'll never forget what swift decisions can do.

"He's like an angel guardian," Gallardo said.

"If you do this type of job that you should be prepared to help in any type of way. That's what news reporters do is try to help other people," Branca said.