SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio Martial Arts studio is offering a full year of training to anyone who turns in their assault rifles to authorities.

The idea came about after owner Len Trevino heard about the deadly shooting at a Florida high school earlier this month.

"I think everyone has a right to own a gun. However there's people out there that maybe shouldn't have one,” said Trevino.

The goal is to provide people with an alternative for dealing with anger instead of choosing gun violence. Trevino said at least three people have taken him up on his offer since he posted it to the businesses social media.

"I had one family that has turned in. A mom and dad, has turned in an assault rifle, has enrolled their son here and wants to pay the regular full price of classes. So it's been good,” said Trevino.

Trevino said there is no expiration on the trade. A full year of training at the studio is valued at $1,300.