TEXAS – A man has been sentenced by a federal judge to 150 months in prison for his role in a synthetic marijuana distribution scheme.

Ashak Victor Nasief Wesa, 33, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute synthetic marijuana and bath salts out of a drug ring based in San Antonio.

Wesa admitted in court, along with other participants, that he was a part of the Jaffer Drug Trafficking Organization. The organizers produced and distributed synthetic drugs to San Antonio, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Tulsa, and Kansas City.

Form March 2013 to June 2013, the organization manufactured more than 40,000 pounds of synthetic cannabinoids.

Since June 2017, Wesa has been in federal custody after he was extradited from Germany to Texas.

Wesa marked the last of the sentencing from the 16 people convicted in connection to the drug ring. The ringleader, Muhammed Jaffer Ali, was sentenced to 16 years in federal prison.

After Wesa serves his prison sentence he will have three years of supervised release.