SAN ANTONIO – With District 6 being located in one of the most heavily congested part of Bexar County, Councilman Greg Brockhouse said town halls like Monday's help his staff figure out which streets on the West Side need the most upkeep.

"We have a varying level of need across the entire community and nights like tonight allow us to take every issue," said Brockhouse.

More than 100 people turned out for the latest District 6 Town Hall held at a senior center off 410 and Culebra. The town halls are designed to allow District 6 residents to ask questions and bring up any concerns to officials of various city departments.

The last town hall focused on public safety. This time the focus was on infrastructure.

"Well I think what makes us unique is that we're kind of two districts split by Loop 410. Everything outside 410 has pretty good infrastructure. Inside 410 though we have folks that frankly haven't seen streets repaired in 40 years," said Brockhouse.

"I was able to come out and talk to CPS. I already talked to 311 about a traffic light that we need changed, water, all of it right here in one place," said District 6 resident Cynthia Hornsby.

This is the second town hall hosted by Brockhouse. He says we can expect to see one every quarter.