AUSTIN, Texas – An Austin Reddit user said a trip to the Texas State Capitol ended when they found white supremacist flyers posted on the grounds.

On Sunday, the Reddit user posted the image of the flyer to the R/Austin subreddit. The tattered flyer was missing a few pieces, but visibly said “Look around white [man], your culture is being erased.”

Accompanying the message is a picture of what looks to be the former governor of Texas, Sam Houston.

While the bottom of the flyer is torn off in the image, a search of the message reveals that it is not the first time these flyers have been found. Similar messages were discovered accompanied by a link to the white supremacist group Vanguard America and their website

Posters with the exact same imagery and message have been discovered at universities, mosques and other state buildings across the country.

The Reddit user said they immediately tore down the flyer.

In October, the same white supremacist group placed a banner on the side of the Texas State University Library promoting a link to Earlier that month flyers were also found on campus endorsing Vanguard America. 

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