SAN ANTONIO – Three teens are in custody, believed to have shot a 19-year-old to death at the Valley Ridge Mobile Home Park in South San Antonio.

Accoridng to police, on Feb. 9, the group of teens confronted the victim, identified as Raymond Silvia, who they thought robbed one of the suspects. Upon arrival, an argument ensued as the three teens pulled out guns and shot Silva to death.  

The suspects took off running, but were identified by witnesses at the scene of the shooting. The suspects have been identified as 18-year-old Milo Mendez, 19-year-old Damian Walker, and 19-year-old David Samora.

According to the affidavit, a person initially believed to be one of the suspects was with the teens the night of the murder. He told police Silva allegedly stole his backpack and that Mendez, Walker and Samora agreed to help him get it back.

Around midnight, the teens arrived at Silva’s home and confronted him at gunpoint. During a police interview, the friend of the suspects claimed Silva took a swing at one of them, igniting the shooting.

Mendez, Walker, and Samora have all been charged with murder.