SAN ANTONIO – A local dessert shop said at least $200 dashed out its door following a smash and grab overnight on Monday.

In an Instagram post, published to their account Tuesday, Viva La Dough revealed the details in a comical post. A part of the post brags about the shop's edible cookie dough saying, "cookie dough so delicious they are breaking down our door for it". As they found out Tuesday morning, that's exactly what happened.

"We got a call from next door and they said that there was glass and that someone had broken in," said Judah Rodriguez of Viva La Dough.

When the owners arrived at the store, the front door was smashed in and a money box containing nearly $200 was gone. The burglar or burglars used a rock to gain access inside.

"We decided to put it [the rock] on display for everyone to see as our first sort of burglary," said Rodriguez.

The shop, located in a Northside shopping center, was the only business hit overnight Monday. Other neighboring businesses told Spectrum News that they feel the shopping center is typically safe from crime. However, a look at the community crime map shows at least five other area businesses burglarized in January.

"It's still a nice area to me. I still like being here. It's just interesting to have someone break into your shop," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said they are stepping up security inside the shop. Until then, they're relying on the shopping center's cameras to catch the culprit.