CONVERSE, Texas - Nicole Valdez believes Converse has changed in the two years she's lived here.

"I've heard gunshots from my house and then police sirens shortly after," she said.

She left a San Antonio community for what she thought would be a more peaceful area for her and her children. But, news of murders like that of a teenager just a few weeks ago, caught her attention.

"Something is going on and we're really concerned about it," said Valdez.

FBI data shows the city of San Antonio is seeing the highest level of violent crime in two decades. In the northeast side municipality of Converse, there were 123 reports of violent crime in 2016.

This time, rather than running for safer ground, Valdez taking a stand by going online.

"To see a reduction in crime, to see households happy" Valdez launched the Bexar County Humanitarian Project on Facebook. The idea is to use social media to build stronger families and crime-free communities.

"They're going to find information on how to reduce stress, things that are going on in our community, like town hall meetings and other things that are helpful and useful. They're only find inspiring messages coming from the page," said Valdez. 

Much of Valdez's message revolves around better parenting and mediation – things she says can ease stress at home and give children the support they need to become good citizens.

"I think that the message is different coming from me. I feel like a lot of the help, which is great, comes from the church or comes from the city, and a lot of people are not really wanting that kind of help. They shun away from it. I feel like when it comes from somebody like a next door neighbor, they might listen to the information and accept it a little bit better," she said.

She said it may take some time to start seeing change, but someone has to start somewhere.

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