SAN ANTONIO - The Texas Council on Family Violence is honoring the victims who lost their lives in 2016 due to domestic violence.

In 2016, 146 women were killed by a male partner. The ages range across the board -- from 15 to 92.

"Frankly when I think of that 15 year old, I think of her biggest worry should have been 'what am I going to wear today?' Instead her life was ended tragically at the hands of her boyfriend. When I think of the 92 year old, I think about this is a woman who should be enjoying the golden years of her life, instead was shot by her husband," said the Texas Council on Family Violence CEO Gloria Terry.

Bexar County ranks as one of the top five counties in Texas with the highest number of domestic violence deaths.

According to this year's report, local numbers have increased from nine deaths to 11.

"Nine out of the 11 victims, a fire arm was used and 19 children were left without their mother," Terry said.

"We had been married for more than 19 years and it just never stopped. I realized when he was coming after my son that something had to change," said Amy Zuniga.

Survivor Amy Zuniga packed up and left that night with only a duffel bag.

"I went to the Battered Women's Shelter and it is there that the resources that they provide for women (are) vital," Zuniga said.

Experts say many situations can be predicted and prevented.

Forty percent of the 146 women who were killed last year had ended a relationship or were in the process of leaving.

"We know these are not random acts of nature. They were not a Hurricane Harvey that came into that person's home," Terry said.

Advocates stress that conversations about healthy relationships need to happen early on and that other areas of our society need to know how to keep an eye out for domestic violence.