SAN ANTONIO — Students and faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio call it the ultimate sacrifice for mankind.

  • About 200 donors were honored at the ceremony

They’re talking about the contributions of men and women who donated their bodies to science.

A memorial ceremony took place on campus in their honor, thanking them for furthering the knowledge of the human body.

Every spring, the school buries the cremated remains of body donors in this special ceremony. Donors from around San Antonio and some as far as Corpus and the Valley were recognized Tuesday evening.

Students from various UT Health San Antonio schools shared stories about the men and women who helped them enhance their education even after death.

“The true teacher is the body donor. They’re the ones that the students are working on to see the relationships of structure. The intricacies of the body and to also see the pathology – disease process and how it affects the body,” said Omid Rahimi, UT Health San Antonio professor.

“I really greatly admire them. For them to think of us in the face of their own mortality. Is something that you can’t really teach. It’s something that comes from your heart,” said Chris Nguyen, UT Health San Antonio student  

A military honor guard was also in attendance — They presented the U.S. flag in honor of veteran donors.

About 200 body donors were honored, including family and loved ones, for their contributions to research.


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