SAN ANTONIO —  Incumbent Congressman Lloyd Doggett is taking on three opponents this election season including a former mayor, a veteran and a candidate who is urging voters to stay away from the polls this year.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett is fighting to keep his seat. He represents U.S. House District 35, which spans from Austin to San Antonio.

"I've been so fortunate to be able to represent this community for a number of years," Rep. Doggett said.

Doggett says there's much still to do, like working on comprehensive immigration reform, strengthening public education and job growth, to name a few.

"Prescription drug price gouging, protecting Medicare and social security, trying to relieve young people of the huge debt many of them face in order to go to college," said Rep. Doggett.

The Democratic congressman is facing an old Republican rival - Susan Narvaiz, the former Mayor of San Marcos. She feels momentum building.

Narvaiz says a drive to improve life for veterans, lower taxes, better job opportunities and affordable healthcare keeps her in the race.

"They are wanting something new, they are desperate for someone that can be their voice, that really can get down to business for people and put politics aside," said Narvaiz.

Libertarian Rhett Rosenquest Smith believes he can bring change to District 35.

"I'm really concerned about the Alamo. And I think Lloyd Doggett does not understand that. Does not appreciate the issue," Smith said.

Smith believes in smaller government, more support for veterans, and wants to see the U.S. get back to basics.

"I would like to see the first amendment as one of the building blocks of U.S. foreign policy," said Smith.

Green party candidate Scott Trimble has a very different message.

"Don't vote for me. Don't vote. Get active," Trimble said.

Trimble doesn't believe he has a shot of winning this election, but he does want to make a statement.

"If we decide one day to stop coming to work, or stop buying their products or to stop watching their corporate news shows, then they're out of business, then they're out of power," Trimble said.

Trimble wants to see voters stay away from the polls and get more involved in their communities instead.  

Early voting runs through Nov. 4, and Election Day is Nov. 8. 

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