SAN ANTONIO — Think “Saturday Night Live” mashed up with Fiesta’s Cornyation.

Since 1985, the Gridiron variety style show is put together by local journalists and public relations practitioners.

It includes skits and musical numbers poking fun of current headlines and news makers.

Proceeds from the show help with scholarships.

This year, the San Antonio Society of Professional Journalists Pro Chapter awarded $11,000 to nine students.

“Journalism and PR is a tough job. You get to report the bad news, report the good news, and work together in a lot of controversial stuff throughout the year. So, it’s nice to give back to students who want to become journalists, because we need you all out there,” said Laura Morales, a Gridiron participant.

The two-hour comedy show is this Saturday in the McAllister Auditorium at San Antonio College.