AUSTIN, Texas—Voting officials are educating the public on new Texas voter ID requirements before the general election this November. 

The changes come after a federal court order found it unconstitutional to require a government-issued ID to vote. Now voters who don't have a government issued ID can fill out a form declaring a reasonable impediment to obtaining a government ID, along with supporting documentation.

With a big general election on the horizon, voting officials are educating voters, and their own employees, about the new requirements.   

"Getting the word out there. Making sure everyone understands what the new law is," said Comal County Clerk​ Bobbie Koepp. "I think the biggest challenge will be teaching people not to turn people away." 

--Another hurdle: Time--

"It's definitely a challenge. We don't have a lot of time before election day. But there's a lot of interest in this issue in making sure voters know what they need," said Secretary of State Spokesperson Alicia Pierce. 

The Secretary of State's office is assisting counties all over Texas to make sure they have the educational resources they need. 

"Whether that's a template press release for them to send out to the counties, or very specific poll worker training that makes it clear exactly what poll workers need to do," Pierce said.  

Voting officials said they're putting ads in newspapers and on television and answering any questions voters may have over the phone. While the new rules are fairly simple, officials still anticipate confusion close to election day. 

"It's so new, they're not confused right now, I do anticipate as the word gets out there we will be getting more phone calls,” said Koepp. 

But regardless of the new rules, election officials say their role in the upcoming election stays the same.

"To make sure that we are following the law, and to make sure that we get everything we need to do to make it successful," said Koepp​.    

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