SAN ANTONIO — The local cyber security market continues its high-tech march forward.

A new incubator, Build Sec Foundry, is designed to connect and support entrepreneurs.

Led by four seasoned cyber security industry experts, the new launch got off to a great start. Receiving a $600,000 dollar grant from the 80/20 Foundation to help high tech start-ups. The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and CyberSecurity San Antonio are the proud parents of a new venture.

"We need to develop the piece that involves creation of companies. Incubating them. And that's what we're talking about,” said Richard Perez, with the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

At Build Sec Foundry, product-based security startup companies like Chris Gerttiz's Infocyte will have direct access to investor connections, industry insiders, and corporate enterprises.

Bexar County and San Antonio city officials also support the launch. It's a regional technology driven effort to further spur a growing cyber security industry.

"This really formalizes the commitment of the city and the commitment of the community to say we want to build product-companies here. We want to make sure that they stay here. We want to make sure they are successful,” said Chris Gerritz Infocyte CEO.

Other resources include UTSA, Rackspace USAA, the Denim Group and the U.S. Air Force.

Build Sec Foundry will be housed at Geekdom downtown.


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