SAN ANTONIO--In a detailed presentation Tuesday morning at City Hall, city staffers laid out San Antonio's innovative Comprehensive Plan.

Under the guidance of city council, while adding to the vision of SA2020, SA Tomorrow is designed to make San Antonio a livable and sustainable city.

"Density is more sustainable,” said District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg, “It allows us to better maintain roads and other infrastructure and public services.”

The Comprehensive Plan will be the city's official long-range planning document. The policy's framework is anchored in future development and growth, land use, public services and infrastructure.

Nirenberg points to the expected population boom as reason to get the city ready now.

"We expect another million plus people to be living in San Antonio in the next 25 years.," said Nirenberg.

The road map for the city's future includes planning for San Antonio's expected growth.

“Our population will double in 35 years. So we can continue to grow out or we can grow up," he said.

Growing up requires high-density development along user friendly streets and pathways. One ambitious idea embedded in the literature is to change corridors like San Pedro from a traffic heavy street to a four-lane pedestrian/bike friendly boulevard with light rail flowing north and south between Basse Road and Hildebrand.

Cities like Phoenix and Denver already have shifted gears into light rail modes of transportation. Some of the guiding principles include transportation and connectivity, higher density housing, preserving natural resources and community health and wellness.

The plan is expected to go before council for approval next month.