SAN ANTONIO — Nearly 100 top Texas high school football players will have the opportunity to show off their skills at a new all-star bowl coming to San Antonio.

The Texas High School All Star Game, or ShowCase Bowl, is scheduled for January 12, 2019 at East Central High School.

It is hosted by ShowCase Athletics PPLC., a free service that offers high school students, including non-athletes, find funding for college.

The bowl will consist of two teams, East and West, and each will have a 48-man roster. Central Catholic's Mike Santiago, and Holy Cross's Mike Harrison, will coach the teams.

All of the athletes will spend the week leading up to the big game in San Antonio. They will practice with their new teammates, explore the city, give back to local communities and study with provided tutors.

The goal of the game is to bring top talent from across the state, as well as highlight student-athletes from small schools who may not otherwise be seen by collegiate recruiters. ShowCase Athletics hopes the bowl will help the players earn athletic or academic college scholarships.

Each of the players must be nominated to participate. In addition to athletic prowess, ShowCase Athletics is looking for athletes who also show academic success and good character off of the field.