HOUSTON — Two cases of monkeypox were reported in the Houston area over the weekend, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Texas to three.

The Houston Health Department on Saturday reported a case in Houston involving a patient who began experiencing symptoms after traveling.

Harris County Public Health reported a case in Harris County. This case involves a person who was visiting from outside the state. That person has since returned home, health officials said.

Both health agencies stated that risk of transmission is low because the virus requires close contact with an infected person or animal or by inhaling large respiratory droplets through close contact with body fluids or lesions, as well as bedding and other materials.

On June 7, the state’s first case of monkeypox was reported in Dallas. That patient had recently traveled internationally and was said to be isolating at home.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, monkeypox is rare and does not spread easily. The threat to the general U.S. population remains low.

Similar to smallpox, the monkeypox infection has an incubation periods that typically lasts 7-14 days. Initial symptoms can include fever, headache and weakness.

Shortly following those symptoms, a rash will appear. The severity of the illness depends on factors including the health of the patient, the route of exposure and the strain of the infecting virus.