FRISCO, Texas — Parents and students from four North Texas school districts are suing their districts. Lago Vista, Frisco, Grapevine-Colleyville and Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD are the defendants. The parents and students, under the names Jane and John Doe, are the plaintiffs.

What You Need To Know

  • Parents and students sued their school districts over COVID safety, citing a violation of the 14th amendment

  • Four North Texas school districts are involved at this point

  • Parents from other Central and South Texas school districts are interested in taking the same steps
  • At least six families are a part of the lawsuit, but they are anonymous on paper. They are under the names Jane and John Doe

Kelly Karthik is a parent to two Frisco ISD students and is also a member of the Unified Parents of Frisco ISD. She is very pro-mask. Last month, Karthik protested outside of Frisco ISD, asking for better ventilation inside the schools. One day later, she spoke at the school board meeting, asking for better hybrid virtual learning options. Now, she is one of the parents taking the next major step to fight for COVID safety.

“We really exhausted every option we had. We felt like this was our only choice,” Karthik said.

Parents and students are suing four North Texas school districts on a federal level for allegedly violating their constitutional rights.

“This is really all about the 14th amendment, and it’s all about the state depriving any person from life, liberty or property without due process of law,” Karthik explained.

Allen ISD parents did it first, asking for a TRO, or a temporary restraining order. But the lawsuit has since been dropped. Karthik said the parents of Allen ISD are attempting to join this lawsuit.

At least six families are a part of the lawsuit, but they are anonymous on paper. 

“Our TRO will be in about a week or so. We are hoping for a favorable outcome,” said Karthik.

Karthik tells Spectrum News 1 that parents from other major school districts across Texas are calling their group to see how they can do the same thing. 

“So we have four reasons that everyone is reaching out to us right now,” Karthik explained. “One is finding out how we organize. The next one is who is representing us. They are also sharing their stories with us and they want to know every avenue we exhausted before taking this approach.”

However, not all parents agree there should be more restrictions. Frisco ISD parent Kyle Steinhauser believes each family should decide whether or not to wear a mask in school.

“My personal preference would be preferred to not be a mandate,” Steinhauser said. “I think [they should] let each parent decide how they feel, what’s best for their children and their family. Also don’t make fun of the other side. Don’t cast dispersions on people who want to wear a mask or don’t want to wear a mask. But just really let the parents make those decisions.”

Karthik said she will not stop fighting for her kids’ safety, and now, she is fighting for other kids, too. 

Frisco ISD said, “The District has no comment on the allegations due to pending litigation. Frisco ISD remains committed to providing the best possible learning environment for all students.”