PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — A high school football coach waited nearly two decades to coach his sons on varsity.

Weiss High School receivers coach Brett Morgan loves two things: football and family. He will now have them back together in his 16th season.

“It’s really surreal. It’s an amazing feeling. During fall camp, for them to come out in their practice gear, it hit me that I never seen them in their high school practice gear.” Morgan said. “I was just very proud and excited to finally coach my sons.”

Price and Peyton Morgan are playmakers for the Wolves.

Price is a senior receiver, while Peyton is a sophomore defensive back.

The three are living in the moment, but understand how special it is to do what they love, together.

“We forget they’re teenagers, ‘cause of course I want to bombard them with ‘Hey, you better take advantage of every moment you have,’ but I’ve learned it’s best to lay back and let it happen naturally,” Morgan said. “It’s been humbling to see. Without them giving direct instruction on how to embrace this experience, they’re already doing it.”

“I’ll turn back and look at it like ‘not a lot of people get this opportunity.’ They get to play with their little brother on varsity and their dad that coaches the same position you play. So, it’s really special,” said Price.

“Playing with him on varsity and especially with my dad coaching, it feels good,” said Peyton. “Say I get emotional or anything, both of them will be there for me and I’ll feel comfortable.”

Price and Peyton have been in each other’s corners since childhood.

Peyton has always looked up to Price on and off the football field.

“Anywhere he’d go, I’d want to go — especially with his older friends. I just wanted to be involved, too,” Peyton siad.

Price has grown into a mentor for his younger brother, laying a path to success Peyton can follow.

“I just try to be a good example, ‘cause I know he’s watching everything I do and I don’t want to steer him in a bad direction,” Price said.

Coach Morgan is in awe how the brothers have bonded, and views it as a product of their upbringing.

“I want them to understand that it’s all about love and support for each other and your family. And like I said, it’s all coming out naturally,” Morgan said.  “We’ve always shown love to them their lives and their doing it for each other right now, so it’s really cool.”

The Pflugerville Weiss Wolves host Leander Rouse at P-Field, Friday at 7 p.m.