The roller coaster of Central Texas weather continues to chug along!  Temperatures took a big dip following yesterday's front, and we're feeling much more autumnal out there today with high temps only into the low to mid 60s for most of the region.

Metro Austin hit a high of 84 yesterday ahead of the front, with a record high 84 at the Airport. Thanks to the chilly northerly wind, cold air pumped across Central TX during the night and we ended up with these lows at sunrise:

Temps right now:

Our normal high this time of year? 70 degrees. For much of Texas, daytime highs are running cooler-than-norm:

Once again, a light freeze could take hold for a few hours in our notorious cold spots, especially in protected valleys of the Hill Country. Tonight's forecast:

Northerly wind gusts clocked in up to 40 mph at the strongest yesterday in Pflugerville, with a peak of 33 mph at Camp Mabry and 38 mph at the Airpot. Latest report:

What a beautiful day across the Lone Star State! A cell of high pressure moving through North Texas is helping to gradually diminish our winds and, under a clear sky, it's going to be an even colder night tonight! Look for widespread 30s in the suburbs and Hill Country. Winds will switch again tomorrow, becoming southerly and breezy by afternoon. We'll make it up closer to the normal 70 to start the week and will probably ease up another five degrees or so on Tuesday ahead of a weak cold front. It's currently timed to arrive Tuesday afternoon, and it's not expected to bring a drop of rain. And the impact on temps will be minimal, with daytime highs running about 5 to 8 degrees cooler for Wednesday by comparison. As for travel, most Texas roadways will remain dry yet Futurecast does show a few showers developing along the front as it arrives near Houston and other points long the coast. Otherwise, holiday weather looks relatively calm and comfortable. We're planning for chilly mornings (40s) and mild afternoons (70s) with lots of sunshine during the second half of the week. Upper-level high pressure returns from Mexico by the weekend, warming us back up to near 80 again. See the 7 Day Forecast for more.

Enjoy the weather!
--Chief Meteorologist Burton Fitzsimmons (@Burton_Spectrum)