Decision 2018
File photo of Governor Abbott

Greg Abbott (R)  is the incumbent governor of the State of Texas, having assumed that office after his election in 2014. Hailing from Wichita Falls, he is a lawyer who served as Texas's Attorney General. He is the Republican nominee for governor. 

On the Issues - Gov. Abbott is in favor of open carry gun laws, is a self-proclaimed Constitutionalist, and is very staunchly pro-life. 


File photo of Lupe Valdez

Lupe Valdez (D) is the former sheriff of Dallas County. Prior to running for governor, she held the position since her first election to the office in 2004. Hailing from San Antonio, she is a law enforcement officer, and the Democratic nominee for governor.

On the Issues - Valdez is in favor of stricter gun control laws, is in favor of a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, and very much in favor of LGBTQ rights.

  • September 28th - Austin