AUSTIN, Texas — If you visit the site, you may be surprised by what you see.

The fight for who will take on Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in the fall isn't yet finished,  but that hasn't stopped the governor from once again getting involved in the Democratic run-off. 

This time he's attacking Lupe Valdez in a new ad and with a new website. 

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Abbott's re-election campaign purchased the website, and turned it into its latest attack on Valdez — treating her as the presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee.

"This is a faily brazen move, but it's not unheard of," said Jim Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project. 

Henson says the Abbott campaign is trying to steer the conversation after a sleepy primary.

"I think this signifies a campaign that's not going to take anything for granted in an environment that is uncertain." 

The attacks ads contrast Abbott to Valdez, calling her "too liberal for Texas." 

Valdez responded Thursday, saying: "The New Texas that I'm fighting for is one where all Texans have opportunities to succeed. There is nothing too liberal about that."

Valdez may be widely seen as the Democratic frontrunner. But her runoff opponent, Houston businessman Andrew White, insists he'd be the more competitive candidate against Gov. Abbott in the fall. 

"Our message of bringing sanity and reason back to state government is a message that he frankly doesn't want to come up against," White said. 

White says he's not concerned about Abbott's lack of attention.

"I don't need an extra few shots from Greg Abbott. I'm sure there'll be plenty coming as soon as the runoff is over," White said. 

But as Abbott continues to draw distinctions between he and Valdez, Texans are getting a clear picture of what that match-up may look like post runoff.  

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