AUSTIN, Texas — The animal intake at the Austin Animal Center is verging toward a crucial situation. With capacity at 115% for medium/large dogs, an expected influx of more animals and temperatures up to 111 degrees this weekend, the shelter is incapable of providing any additional housing.

Unfortunately, the heat disallows the shelter from housing dogs on its truckport.

In an Instagram post, the shelter said, “…we already have 15 dogs in crates in our conference room and rented storage container. There simply is nowhere else to safely and humanely house dogs.”

But with your help in fostering some of these animals, the shelter can level out its housing capacity.

Emergency one-week fosters are being accepted by the Austin Animal Center every day through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ⁠

To donate a crate, deliver it to the east side of the Austin Animal Center, near the big metal gate.