SAN ANTONIO — A few things that Kassidee Webb didn’t like early in life have now become some of her favorite activities. When Kassidee was young, she struggled with reading but got help from a reading intervention teacher, and it totally changed her perspective. 

What You Need To Know

  • Kassidee Webb is ranked second in her class

  • She won the district title in tennis this year

  • Plans to attend Lakeland University in Wisconsin

  • Has volunteered at many places, including the San Antonio Botanical Garden

“I started reading more, and I enjoyed reading more because I could actually read and not be frustrated,” says Kassidee. “Now I read all the time, like books that are 500 pages long.”

Her enjoyment of reading goes along with the overall effort she puts into school. Webb has a 4.8 GPA and is ranked second in her class at Medina Valley High School.

“She’s worked extremely hard to maintain her class rank, it was very important to her,” said Julianne Webb, Kassidee Webb’s mother. 

Kassidee puts a lot into her class work and a lot into her community. She’s volunteered at a handful of places, including the San Antonio Botanical Garden, and has found enjoyment in giving back.

“When I’m involved in my community I learn more about people and just how different we all are,” Kassidee said. “I really like meeting new people.”

Kassidee stays very busy, but has also found time to play multiple sports in high school. She was on the volleyball team for a while and this year put more focus into tennis. Something she also wasn’t very fond of as a kid.

“My family would always force me when I was younger to go play tennis with them and I absolutely hated it. I threw tantrums most of the time,” says Kassidee. 

That disdain for the sport didn’t last long. This year she really put an emphasis on getting better and with the help of her mother, who is also the school’s tennis coach, she won a district title.

“This little switch went off, and I just wanted to play all the time,” says Kassidee. 

“This wasn’t her first sport, this was her second sport,” said Julianne. “I would say she’s worked as hard in tennis as she has in the classroom.”

Being on the tennis team has meant spending more time with her mom. Something that took on a different meaning when Julianne was diagnosed with cancer in October 2020.

“That’s a little tough when you get that diagnosis,” says Julianne.

“That was shocking. It was hard to accept,” says Kassidee.

“She was by my side, encouraging me through it and making sure I was comfortable,” says Julianne.

“She was very positive throughout the entire thing,” says Kassidee. “She was always thinking of us.”

While Kassidee has that close bond with her family, she plans to go far away for college. She’s set to attend Lakeland University in Wisconsin, where she’ll play both volleyball and tennis.