AUSTIN, Texas — Joseph Stewart is an entrepreneur who’s also experiencing homelessness in Central Texas.

Stewart uses his struggles as motivation to overcome any obstacle, including the homeless crisis. 

“It’s nothing good about being homeless,” said Stewart.

Stewart survived COVID-19 earlier this year. He said it was a near-death experience and believes it was a sign from God to pursue his dreams of being a successful business owner.

Stewart uses earnings from his day job toward finding a permanent solution to his housing situation. He uses an online distributor to manufacture apparel based on his designs, and named the brand LuckyMe clothing as a reminder to never give up.

“It’s the brand that brings you luck when you read the message you wear,” said Stewart.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), more than 27,000 Texans experience homelessness at any given moment. It’s a statistic of unfortunate circumstances, and Stewart believes it can happen to just about anyone.

He hopes by pursuing his passion his luck will change in the future, as he continues to pursue his dreams.