AUSTIN, Texas — Enforcement of the homeless camping ban ordinance approved by voters in May will shift into the fourth and final phase beginning Sunday, Aug. 8.

In Phase 4, Austin police are permitted to cite and arrest those in violation of the ban. If arrested, the person in violation will be processed at the Downtown Austin Community Court, when possible.

About a week ago, the Public Safety Commission produced a letter recommending the Austin Police Department cease citations and arrests of people experiencing homeless unless they can additionally be provided with sheltering options.

The letter further recommends the city invest funding into housing nonprofits while more temporary housing is acquired.

City leaders have named two possible sites they can be moved to, but no permanent solution yet.

Phase 3 of the camping ban, which ends on Aug. 7, allows police to issue a citation if a written warning has already been given.

Approval of Prop B in May stipulates that camping in public areas is a Class C misdemeanor.​