DALLAS — Dallas-area students particpate in summer musical dedicated to Houston-native artist Beyoncé.

The Dallas Independent School District is helping families find unique enrichment programs for their kids this summer. The school district has partnered with local area non-profits to offer extended learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters hosted more than 300 students for its 37th annual summer arts institute. Elementary to high school students have spent three weeks learning what it takes to put on a full-scale musical theatre production, and notable people like Erykah Badu have made their way through the program since its' inception. 

On day one of the month-long camp, students are given a tour of the performing arts academy, and then it's on from there. Within a month, dozens of theatrical elements and jobs are learned by the students and put to the test during a special three-show performance in July. From costume design, to film production and stage management there is a job for every student who's willing to learn. 

"They see all these things in front and behind the camera," said the founder of the academy, Curtis King. "It's exciting to see these students really study the work of artists who look like them."

The kids will be getting in formation to dance and sing along to some of Beyoncé's notable songs. "Beyoncé: The Musical" was choregraphed by King and a team of volunteering alumni of the program. 

"It's really nice for me because I love Beyoncé and she's really a role model for me," said Enyonam Osae, one of the singers in the program. "I'm just so happy to be doing this."

Osae is a soon to be ninth grade student, and has aspirations of one day becoming a singer and performing on Broadway. She says having the opportunity to learn from the same people who helped other artists from the Dallas-area get to where they are, is worth her time and dedication every summer.

"I'm ready to become a star," said Osae.

While some of the students may go onto careers outside of the performing arts, King says it's vital to see his students progress in whatever craft they choose.

"It has been absolutely an amazing experience to see a whole year pass and they walk in these doors with bright futures and incredible promise," said King. "See where they started from, and then see each day in the program how they have been able to progress."