AUSTIN, Texas — The battle for the GOP nomination for Texas Attorney General is heating up. Last week, current Land Commissioner George P. Bush launched his campaign against GOP incumbent Ken Paxton who’s shadowed by securities fraud charges and an FBI investigation. Bush is focusing hard on Paxton's legal troubles.

“These are very damaging allegations that the governor, Lt. governor and other statewide leaders, including myself, have said from the beginning are problematic charges that are being levied against our top law enforcement official,” Bush said in an interview on Capital Tonight Tuesday.

While that will be a big focus, Bush is also facing criticism about favoring former President Donald Trump over his own family. Bush was the first to break with his politically famous family over supporting Trump. He made no mention of his family during his campaign announcement but name-dropped Trump on numerous occasions. Bush says his family gets it.

“In terms of the criticism out there my message is simple: This campaign is about tomorrow, not about the past,” he said.  

Bush said his dad, Jeb Bush, reached out before his announcement and wished him luck and his uncle, George W. Bush, talked to him this weekend. He offered advice and said he’s off to a great start. Jeb Bush lost a bitter 2016 presidential primary to Trump and former President Bush did not support Trump for president.

“Politics is rough and tumble and my family has been around the block when it comes to tough and sometimes nasty races. But as conservatives and Republicans, we always come together after a nomination process,” he said.

Bush said he expects his family to campaign with him.

“I’m not going to pressure anyone to join me on the trail. I think people in Texas have fond memories of my family and, at the right time, they’ll be coming out and hopefully we’ll have other surrogates and other members of Trump’s family as well,” Bush said.

Bush said he’s also talked with Trump since his announcement. Trump has promised to endorse in the race soon. After Bush’s announcement, Paxton’s campaign put out a statement saying, “Paxton has been and will continue to be the tip of the spear in protecting President Trump’s America First principles.”

Click the video link above to watch our full interview with Bush who says his campaign will focus on securing the border, backing the thin blue line, restoring accountability and integrity to the AG position and confronting human traffickers.