AUSTIN, Texas -- While COVID-19 continues to present a lot of unknowns across the nation, one thing has remained a hot topic in Texas, and that's testing.

What You Need To Know

  • Medical assistant made transition from advertising

  • Clinic has several air testing sites

  • Administer about a 100 tests a day for the coronavirus

Detecting cases of a deadly virus in tents outdoors was never part of the plan for Remedy Urgent Clinic medical assistant manager Hillary Oneslager.

In a search for an exciting career, she made the transition from a world of advertising into medicine nearly two years ago.

Hillary Oneslager (medical assistant manager) and Niki Burandt (clinical operations manager) pose for a photo. (Develon Douglas/Spectrum News)

While a pandemic wasn't quite on her radar, the need to give back and take care of others was always on the surface.

"I think everyone who works in medicine really wants to help people. We never envisioned being in the middle of a global health crisis. We never envisioned being in a hot parking lot testing patients. But at the end of the day, we really want to make people's lives better and take care of them,” Oneslager said.

Oneslager administers tests at just one of the clinic’s Texas air testing sites. She begins her day with schedules, check-ins, and personal protective equipment.

"Often when you test patients for COVID, you're sticking a little Q-tip in their nose to make them cough or sneeze, so having this on allows them to cough and sneeze and not worry about it," she said about her PPE.

Medical personnel administer a COVID-19 test while wearing PPE, and the patient wears a mask. (Develon Douglas/Spectrum News)

Administering about a 100 tests a day for the coronavirus, the clinic uses multiple testing options including PCR testing for patients without symptoms. Results can take between three and five days. 

The clinic also administers rapid testing for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, which gives same-day results to patients.

While the coronavirus itself still presents uncertainties for many around the world, Oneslager is proud to serve on the front line, doing what she loves in a time when it's most needed.