AUSTIN, Texas -- Most Texans are relying on technology to work, learn and even keep up with family and friends amid the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Austin dentist Dr. Brad Buckingham reopens with some modifications in place

  • Currently not using high-tech drills, polishers 

  • Doing work by hand eliminates spread of potentially infected water droplets

But for Dr. Brad Buckingham of Buckingham Dental, it's back to the basics. He’s been open about two weeks for regular checkups, but he's taking some serious extra precautions.

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"My goal for us personally is, I don't want to make this any scarier to come to then the grocery store," he said.  

So that means giving up all of his high-tech toys, like drills and the electric polisher, for doing it all by hand.

"I know that it's keeping the patients safer because we're not shooting any droplets of water into the air that could have any virus in them," he said.  

Buckingham says it's a simple sacrifice to make sure his patients are safe, but also to be back open.

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"I feel a little bit of responsibility to make sure that if they're going to let me open up, and I'm going to take them up on it, that I don't screw it up," he said.