AUSTIN, Texas -- The River City Youth Foundation held its first Skills Saturday as a part of the group's #LearnInATX initiative. 

The program teaches students and their parents skills they need to find and keep a job during the rise of automation. #LearnInATX Director Oné Musel-Gilley said as machines threaten to take the jobs of the most vulnerable, having marketable skills could help with job security.

"What are those really important skills of the future? What are companies looking at as companies go through that digital transformation?" Musel-Gilley said.​

Those attending the event listened to lectures and participated in activities meant to teach them those skills. Stations on cyber security and coding gave kids a look at skills that will be valuable to the job market when they become of age. Activities and games teaching communication skills helped equip parents with skills they may need to keep their jobs or to find new ones in the digital age.

"There's gonna be a higher demand for soft skills," Musel-Gilley said. "Communication, creativity, resiliency, being able to think quickly, empathy. For many of our families that we're serving, this is the first time they've ever heard that."

#LearnInATX is a campaign to help the communities most at risk for job displacement during the digital age. Their first Skills Saturday event focused on Dove Springs in southeast Austin, but River City Youth Foundation plans to expand it to other neighborhoods around the city within the next two years. 

Their next Skills Saturday event will be held in January. For more information on the program and #LearnInATX, visit