LEANDER, Texas — As a freshman, Greg Brown was already starting and playing a big role for the Vandegrift basketball team. Back then, head coach Cliff Ellis could see he had something special. 

  • Now a 5-star prospect
  • Averaged 30 points per game last season
  • Hasn’t committed to a collegiate program yet

“A highlight reel at 15 isn’t going to be anything compared to his highlight reel at 17 or 18 years old,” he said in a 2017 interview with us.

We wondered what Brown could become, and as he gets ready to enter his senior season, we know that he’s become one of the top high school players in the country.

“Four years ago I was very wet behind the ear and didn’t really know how to play basketball,” Brown said.

“Where he was and where he’s come, we can’t believe he’s gotten better and better,” added Ellis.

There are many areas of his game that has improved over the past three years.

“Shooting is a big one because everyone says I can’t shoot,” Brown said. “Ball-handling and knowledge of the game is a big improvement.”

“He’s put on a lot of weight and now has just two pogo sticks and is dunking everything under the sun,” said Ellis.

Brown has turned into a 5-star prospect that averaged more than 30 points per game last season. Almost every major college in the country wants him. He hasn’t committed yet, but is considering programs like Texas, North Carolina, Auburn, Memphis and Kentucky. 

He’s not in a hurry to make a decision and said he’s looking for a school where he has a good relationship with the coach, the team and if he likes the classes the college offers. The future is bright for Brown, but for now he’s focused on his final high school season.

“Try to be district champs, and then hopefully state [champions], that’s what we’re aiming for,” said Brown.

Now, the question is: where will Greg Brown be in another four years? His coach says we’ll be watching him in the NBA.