AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is keeping the pressure on Austin Mayor Steve Adler and City Council, Thursday sending the mayor a letter urging him to reverse the current ordinance and reinstate the homeless camping ban.

  • Gov. Abbott calls for homeless camping ban to be reinstated
  • Follows October 2 letter urging homelessness in Austin be addressed 
  • November 1 deadline set 

Thursday’s letter follows an October 2 missive in which Abbott called on Adler and City Council to enact meaningful reform by a November 1 deadline. Abbott said he would direct state agencies to address the issue otherwise.

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In Thursday’s letter, Abbott states Adler assured Austin Police Chief Brian Manley that if police need anything he and City Council would attempt to facilitate it. Manley called for the reinstatement of the camping ban, and Abbott stated he agrees.

Abbott concluded Thursday’s letter by reaffirming he is committed to employing state resources to address the issue if action is not taken by November 1.

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