AUSTIN, Texas -- As the debate over gun control continues, starting September 1, a series of new Texas gun laws will go into effect. 

Lawmakers passed several gun-related laws last legislative session, several of those will loosen restrictions on carrying guns in public.

  • ​A measure passed clarifies that it's legal for licensed gun owners to carry in places of worship, unless there's a sign posted saying otherwise. It comes nearly two years after a gunman killed 26 people at a Sutherland Springs church.
  • ​A new law will allow licensed gun owners, including school employees, to store weapons and ammunition in locked vehicles on school campuses as long as it's out of plain view.  
  • Another school-related law removes the cap on how many school marshals can carry guns on public school campuses.
  • Another new law says landlords cannot prohibit their legally gun-owning tenants from having a weapon or ammo on the property. 
  • As a response to Hurricane Harvey, a new measure will allow handgun owners to carry their concealed firearms without a license for up to 48 hours when having to evacuate. 
  • Another measures says foster families can now store guns and ammunition together, rather than having to store them separately. 

Also worth noting, beginning Sunday, there's a new law that provides a defense for licensed gun owners who unknowingly carry their weapon into a place where it's prohibited, but leave promptly when asked.