MANOR, Texas -- As some students are logging into online accounts to get a jump on work for the new school year, nearly one in five students will go to school without the technology to complete the same assignments.

  • Manor ISD addressing "homework gap" 
  • Disproportionately affects students of color 
  • District supplying iPads and laptops 

According to the Pew Research center, 17 percent of students in the United States say they can't finish their homework because of lack of technology. For students of color the percentage is even higher. 

That's why Manor ISD implemented programs to ensure that every student in their district has access to modern technology used for learning. Thanks to grants from private companies Samsung and Applied Materials, the district is able to supply iPads and laptops to students in every classroom. 

English teacher Samantha Kanzler said the digital age is creating a new world for the next generation. To her, it's important each student has the same opportunity. 

"We can't put kids into a situation where they're going to fail," Kanzler said. "We've got to give them extra support so they can have every opportunity to be successful."

Students at Manor New Technology High School and participating in Manor ISD's Early College Program are enrolled in a 1-to-1 program. Each student is assigned an iPad or laptop to keep throughout the school year to complete assignments. For Early College Program student Khanh Ho, the technology is a way to simulate their future college experience.

"They only use Google Classroom and they don't use paper," Ho said. "Having my own personal iPad, just carrying it around is very helpful to me."

The district's Early College Program is limited, but the district has enough technology to provide access to every student.