MCDADE, Texas --If you're a transfer student at McDade ISD, you may want to start arranging your ride to school now.

  • New district transportation rules going into effect
  • McDade ISD transfer students will need to make arrangements 

Starting this school year, the school district will have to abide by the Texas Education Agency's transfer rules which mandate that districts including McDade can no longer transport students from outside its borders to attend its schools. That rule will be strictly enforced since the Texas Attorney General’s office got involved.

That could be a challenge for over 70 of McDade’s students who live in surrounding areas, including Elgin, which borders the district. Superintendent Barbara Marchbanks said that up until last year, her district had an agreement with Elgin ISD to transport its students back and forth because, at the time, McDade did not have a complete high school. That means it didn't have K through 12 in the district that students had to travel to take some classes. Now that McDade is able to house all grade levels, its contract with Elgin has ended.

However, some students decided to keep going to school in McDade, even though they live within Elgin's district.

If you're affected by this change, contact these district staffers:

Grant Hennig:

Frances Williams:

The first day of school for McDade ISD is August 19.