AUSTIN, Texas — Austin police need the public’s help identifying burglars targeting food trucks. Investigators say the two men are connected to up to 50 different incidents, dating back to April, and mostly occurring at food truck parks across the city.

  • 2 men connected to 50 different incidents
  • Burglars stole iPads, money boxes, and tip jars
  • The burglars leave with at most $150

Police say the two men have stolen iPads, money boxes, and tip jars. The burglars are leaving with at most $150 in cash.  Some vendors had to spend hard-earned money on constant repairs and surveillance.

For the past two years, Sa Shum, has managed the Downtown Burgers food truck on East Cesar Chavez. She works there every day the business is open and says she loves serving her customers. Until recently, Shum has never had any issues. Someone has been breaking the fence in order to enter the backdoor of the Downtown Burgers food truck.

“It’s just heart breaking,” Shum said.

A year ago, she said someone did force their way in, stealing change from the register. Since then, Shum added a surveillance camera, extra locks, and reinforcement on the doors. Since someone keeps attempting to breaking in, she has had to pay for repairs repeatedly.

“It’s going to take us another $200 or couple hundred dollars to fix the problems that we don’t even expect to happen. So that means we’re going to work for free that day,” Shum said. 

Matt Neas, owner of Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar, says the markings and damage around his food truck door and window show that someone has tried breaking in. However, those efforts were unsuccessful. There are surveillance cameras there, as well as additional lighting.

“It really kind of goes to the core of your being that you’ve put all this effort and work into something and your heart and soul and sweat equity, and someone tries to take it all away,” Neas said.

Austin Police have released surveillance footage of a few of the burglaries, hoping someone will recognize the burglars:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (512) 472-TIPS.

Photo of damage on the door to the Downtown Burgers food truck (Spectrum News)
Photo of damage on the door to the Downtown Burgers food truck (Spectrum News)