PFLUGERVILLE, Texas -- For the first time in the history of Pflugerville Independent School district, an entire graduating class has applied for college. That means 1,717 seniors considered possibly pursuing higher education by completing the Apply Texas application. Pflugerville ISD officials say their high school graduates are raising the bar. They want to educate students about every option for the future, whether it is finding a career, enlisting in the military, or going to college.

  • All graduating Pflugerville ISD seniors apply for college
  • Students encouraged to explore college, career, or military 
  • Students completed Apply Texas applications 

“Our goal is to provide students with every opportunity to be prepared for the future,” said Shirley Bachus, coordinator of advanced academics/gifted and talented. “Preparedness includes guidance on college, career and military options as well as open access to challenging coursework and an aligned suite of assessments that can help them find their best match to fulfill their life passion.”

This spring, Hendrickson High School celebrated its largest graduating class with 820 students receiving their high school diplomas. One of those students was 18-year-old Divya Patel. As the oldest of three sisters, she has learned to enjoy taking care of them. Patel is planning on studying at Western Governor’s University to become an elementary school teacher.

“They always keep me so busy and I like the thought of being around them. It just makes me feel like I’m doing something important and I’m making a difference in their life,” she said. “If they look up to someone who’s really good and they have that good teacher in their life that they can always rely on, they have a better foundation for the rest of their life.”

Christina Patel, Divya Patel's mother, said she chose to get married and start a family young. She said her daughter would be the first person on her side of the family to get a bachelor’s degree.

“The best that I can ask or that I can look forward to her having in her career, in her future and for the rest of her life, is to be happy,” Christina Patel said.

Pflugerville High School had 491 graduating seniors, while Connally High school graduated 406. After opening in 2016, Weiss High School will have its first graduating class next year.