AUSTIN, Texas – As the temperatures climb and people look for ways to cool off, the sweltering summer months can actually pose a health risk to the elderly.

  • Fan donations needed
  • Summer heat health risk for elderly
  • Need for 7,500 fans to meet demand

Summer can mean months of discomfort or even sickness for elderly people. Family Eldercare works to keep the elderly cool by asking for fan donations or the money to buy fans.

It may not seem like a lot, but a fan makes a world of a difference for the elderly and families with low income. Family Eldercare has been collecting fans for 29 years and, according to its spokesperson, this year the need is critical.

This year is getting warmer, faster and the demand for fans has grown exponentially. Family Eldercare says aside from providing relief from the heat, fans also help keep electric bills down for those on a fixed income.

The group serves 14 counties throughout Central Texas, giving out fans to up to 11,000 people. Now, they need 7,500 fans to meet demand.

"Last year, it got hotter faster but this year, we've run out of fans,” said Brittany Baize with Family Eldercare.

Fans or money to buy fans can be donated until the end of August by dropping it off at any Austin Fire station.