AUSTIN, Texas — Teachers, bus drivers, and other Austin Independent School District staff rallied outside of Travis High School Tuesday, calling for a 10 percent raise.

  • Union wants 10% raise for teachers
  • District plans to give 1% raise
  • Teachers to rally again next week

The rally was held by Education Austin, the labor union that represents district employees.

"We are worth it, we are worth it," the group chanted.

This comes just weeks before the district is set to vote on the 2019-2020 budget, which would increase teacher pay by only 1 percent.

Education Austin says a 10 percent raise will cost $58 million, but will help attract and keep teachers long term.

"When I came in, in 2004, I had really good mentors. I'm a special educator. Special educators need other special educators. I'm at the point now where I'm a veteran,” said teacher Heather Merritt. “I look around and I don't see too many other veterans that have been around for a while. Our families are worth the support of people that know what they are doing and that have been around for a while."

Teachers will also rally before next Monday’s school board meeting.

AISD released a statement saying they are working with staff and Education Austin to provide the most strategic compensation with money they already have. AISD said, in part:

“We hope we can count on Education Austin’s leadership at the Capitol for meaningful school finance reform to bring much needed funding back into the district.”