AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Senate revived and passed the so-called “Save Chick-fil-A Bill” Wednesday.

  • Texas Senate passes "Save-Chick-fil-A bill Wednesday
  • Senator said bill could have prevented San Antonio airport decision
  • Bill originally killed by LGBT Caucus    

As amended, the measure would prohibit the government from penalizing an individual or business for membership in or support of religious groups.

LGBTQ advocates argue the bill could breed discrimination and have pushed back against the way senators passed the bill out of committee on Monday. The Senate suspended its rules to allow a public hearing on the measure, but they did so without public notice.  

Last week, the House LGBTQ Caucus killed the bill on a technicality.

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The legislation was fueled by a Chick-fil-A ban at the San Antonio International Airport.

The fast-food chain was boycotted and booted from San Antonio's airport for making donations to organizations that oppose expanded LGBTQ rights.

Local politicians have responded from both sides, including Attorney General Ken Paxton, who launched an investigation into the San Antonio City Council’s decision.

Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Longview, said the bill would have helped avoid the situation.

But gay rights advocates said it would allow Texans to cite their faith in order to discriminate against people.

In an interview with Capital Tonight's Karina Kling, Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen said he supports the bill and predicts it will pass his chamber during round two.

“I think it would pass the House.”​