AUSTIN, Texas -- Texans could soon be allowed to take home a case of beer from a local brewery. This week, two key groups in the ongoing fight over beer-to-go sales finally reached a truce.

The Beer Alliance of Texas, which represents beer distributors, and the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, which looks out for local breweries, have signed an agreement. It proposes that Texans be allowed to buy up to two cases of beer per person, per day in places where beer is brewed.

“Absolutely a win for our industry,” said Adam DeBower, Chair of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild and Co-Founder of Austin Beerworks. “It is nothing short of a watershed moment for our industry.”

According to the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, Texas is currently the only state where customers cannot purchase beer from local breweries to take home. But this session, bipartisan bills have been filed to expand the law so you can take beer-to-go from local taprooms. Both measures have been reworked to include the compromise between the brewers and distributors.

The legislation still needs to be approved by the House and Senate and then be signed by the Governor.  

Click the video link above to watch our full interview with DeBower, including what else is in the compromise legislation.