AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Creative Alliance was targeted by vandals in East Austin last week.

  • ACA held an art show about gentrification
  • Show brought out a group of protesters
  • Police are investigating the vandalism

The Alliance held an art show about gentrification on Thursday, which brought out a group of protesters.

Executive Director John Riedie says early in the morning on Friday vandals could be seen on surveillance video running from the gallery in East Austin.

The ACA has been a target of protesters in recent months. It claim it's mainly because their working on the Riverside Arts District that plans to bring art galleries and affordable housing to East Austin.

"We don't support projects that displace long-standing communities. In the case of the Riverside project, we are just redeveloping existing apartment buildings. They will be gone and replaced, but the result will be three times as much housing that exists there now which is what the city has been asking for for years," Riedie said.

Austin Police confirm they are currently investigating the vandalism and but could not say whether they have any suspects yet.