GEORGETWON, Texas -- Sharon Brandt is on a mission to raise the money she needs to stand again. 

  • Been in a wheelchair for 5 years
  • Used to being the one to lend the helping hand
  • A GoFundMe was created to help her get the wheelchair

Brandt has been in a wheelchair for 5 years after surgery for spinal stenosis left her paralyzed from the waist down. Before, she was able to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, but now she depends on her loved ones to help her. 

"To go from being very active, helpful, a giver" Brandt said. "I'm now less independent and I have to rely on everyone to help me. It was a huge shock."

Not being able to lend a hand is tough on Brandt. The physical toll from her extended time in the chair is even tougher. Not being able to stand has caused wounds and sores that have kept Brandt in and out of the hospital.

"I've had 15 surgeries just because of the wounds," she said. "I've spent over 250 days in the hospital."

Brandt sees a solution in a new wheelchair with a feature that would allow her to stand. With the push of a button, the chair would lift Brandt onto her feet and allow her to move around upright. She said that would lower the amount of time she'd spend at the hospital and allow her to be of more help to her husband, Brad. 

"I could go from this spot, to the kitchen to the fridge and then back here to sit back down." Brandt said. 

Her insurance company covers the cost of a new wheelchair every few years. Unfortunately for Brandt, her insurance company deems the standing feature "not medically necessary."

Friends of Brandt have come together to raise money to get her that new chair. A GoFundMe was created and raised over $1,000 in its first weekend from friends, family and people Brandt said she doesn't even know. She said she'll be eternally grateful for this outpouring of support.

"I don't have enough words to express how this has made me feel," Brandt said.