AUSTIN, Texas — The Austin Police Department is investigating two bank robberies that occurred in the span of a few hours Friday.

  • Robbery on 11545 Research Blvd.
  • Robbery on 6501 Airport Blvd.
  • No one hurt

The first bank robbery happened at Prosperity Bank on 11545 Research Blvd. at around 10:30 a.m. The suspect is described as a heavy-set, bald, middle aged, white man wearing a gray sweatshirt.

The second robbery happened about three hours later at Wells Fargo Bank on 6501 Airport Blvd. Police describe the suspect as a middle aged white man with dark hair and a receding hairline. They say he was wearing a dark sweatshirt.

No one was hurt in either robbery. Police say they don’t believe the two robberies are connected, but they are not ruling it out.

These are the first two bank robberies in Austin in 2019.